Climate change is an issue that has devastating consequences for all life on Planet Earth. Our site is dedicated to providing the reader with reliable and truthful information on this subject. There are many who are not even aware of what causes global warming. We have a section dedicated to climate change as a general topic which goes into explaining this further.

Every day there are new discoveries on climate change being made. Our section on recent news will inform the reader on some of the most important developments in the world of scientific research. Not only that, but it also talks about some of the most recent natural disasters that are a direct result of climate change.

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The aim of this site is get more people talking about climate change. If more people debate the issues then we are more likely in our lifetime to see a decrease in carbon emissions. If this happens then the deadly effects of climate change will be lessened. This will also mean that the animal species of the world will have a better chance of survival and the world will prosper for the benefit of all people.