An Inconvenient Truth: Over Ten Years On

In 2006 politician Al Gore presented a hit documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth whose purpose was to educate the public on the devastating effects felt by climate change. The film, that went on for 90 plus minutes, proved to be both simple and effective.

Now over ten years on, we can see the positive effects that the documentary has had on both the scientific community and the general public. It helped to educate audiences on global warming on a mass scale. Many of the people watching the film would not have known or cared about global warming until seeing it. It also helped immensely to reinvigorate the environmental movement, which at the time was beginning to stagnate.

Since the release of the film there has been a steady increase in the amount of environmental activists throughout the world. Many of these activists have stated that they were inspired by the film to take up the cause. Gore later founded a project to train thousands of people on how to fight for change in climate legislation.

It is no question that An Inconvenient Truth has caused a change in the opinion of the public. In one study it was found that over 60% of participants had changed their beliefs on the existence of climate change after seeing it. In another, 70% of participants stated a desire to actively change their behaviour in response to it.

The film had a large impact on the political landscape. It helped to put a spotlight on those in office such as then President Bush who actively denied the facts stated in the film. In contrast there were politicians such as former UK Prime Minister David Cameron who urged the public to watch it. Since its release An Inconvenient Truth has been screened to young people in schools so that future generations are aware of climate change issues.