Britain Struggling To Adapt To Climate Change

Britain has always been well known for their wet and cold weather. There have been summers where they have had very little sun at all. When these events do occur, it is quite common to hear people speaking of their disbelief of the heat.

The country has always been unwelcoming of the summer sun. This is something that now needs to be faced by them. The climate is changing and with it comes hotter summer months. It is not just the general attitude towards the weather that requires adapting. There are serious infrastructure elements that were never set up to coexist with extreme heat.

There have been rail delays due to fears of the tracks warping in the sun. This prolonged engineering work has made commuting a misery for passengers. It is also creating increased costs for maintenance. In order for the public transport systems to run smoothly it may require tracks to be refitted with more heat resistant materials.

This has also affected buses with several breaking down from overheating. Public transport is the key to Britain’s citizens working. Millions require it everyday to get to their jobs. If the UK does not adapt to the heat it may seriously effect their economy.

There are also worries around water supplies. Water is used up much more quickly in Britain during heat waves. Water companies need to tackle the prospect of there being shortages. This in turn will affect a number of industries in Britain including agriculture. The nature of farming means that it requires a stable environment. The lack of water coupled with extreme prolonged heat means that crops may fail and this will have a knock on effect for businesses. It has become clear that the inability to adapt to heat in Britain may create a domino effect.