NASA are one of the most important entities in the world when it comes to researching the effects of climate change to our planet. For decades they have they have been at the forefront of cutting edge space technology. They now use this impressive tech to accurately monitor the temperature and weather of Earth.

They are also useful because they make all their research on climate change public to people throughout the world. All one needs to do is go onto their online site and they will be met with up to date readings on the climate of Earth. This includes different data such as:

  • The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • The global temperature
  • The amount of arctic ice melting
  • The amount of ice sheets throughout the world that are sinking

They are not just pioneers in the research into these issues. They are also reliable in the informing of the public to the problems. They have an easy to read explanation of the causes of climate change, the effects because of it and the possible solutions.

They have a number of research projects that will spend several years gathering data on the climate and how it is changing. This includes ECOSTRESS which will help us to better understand how the rising heat of the world is effecting plant life. It will help to give out precision temperature readings of fauna and serve as an early warning sign of possible mass death of plants in certain areas.

Since NASA is primarily a space based establishment they are able to launch a number of research vessels out of our atmosphere. These satellites will each serve a unique specific purpose. For instance, the laser ranging interferometer (LRI) will allow for the most precise measurements of the climate ever made by scientists.