Pope Voices Concern Over Climate Change

One of the hardest things about spreading climate change awareness to the public at large is attaining a big enough audience to listen to the message. Al Gore did a terrific job of this by releasing information on global warming as a documentary feature film. This allowed millions to be educated on the key issues surrounding carbon emissions.

The Catholic Church is estimated to have at least 1.2 billion followers worldwide. This makes the Pope one of the most listened to individuals on planet Earth. He has already been vocal on a number of controversial subjects including homosexuality and immigration. He has also talked of his concern over climate change publicly.

In June he announced that the human race is running out of time before the planet is damaged in irreversible ways. In particular he addressed the companies behind the fossil fuel industries. These companies are currently one of the leading contributors to the carbon footprint of the entire human race.

In Vatican City he spoke at an energy summit where he urged these companies to no longer go out in search of fossil fuel reserves. This drilling is known to also cause damage to the ecosystems of the world. This is in contravention of the Paris agreement that states that these reserves shall be kept under the surface.

The Pope stated that the time has come to move away from this form of energy and towards more cleaner methods. As head of the Catholic church, Pope Francis has made the Vatican one of the biggest advocates of clean energy. He has met the leaders of large oil companies in order to convince them to curtail petroleum use. The leaders of Shell have made good on this request by agreeing to reduce their carbon footprint by half by the year 2050.