Rising Temperatures

Over the past few decades the climate has changed in a number of ways. Perhaps the most well known one of these is the rise in global temperatures. It has become clear that planet Earth is getting ever hotter. In fact the past few years have been the hottest ever on record. This trend has shown no signs of stopping any time soon. This will have devastating consequences for the entire living population of the globe.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the increased amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide has been used as a byproduct by human beings in a number of ways. First it was emitted by livestock on large farmland. However it is not only agriculture that is to blame for this issue.

The Industrial Revolution led to the burning of coal on a mass scale. This was the beginning of the emissions that would soon blanket the atmosphere. Since then human beings have driven cars en masse. These emissions have further exacerbated the problem. This CO2 has caused planet Earth to trap heat and warm the climate.

Based on scientific research data there are number of reasons for this excessive amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions. The biggest one is the energy sector. People need energy to live day to day. Unfortunately as the human population increases so too does the amount of energy needed. Agriculture and forestry make up another large proportion of emissions. Like energy much of this is a necessity for human development and growth.

Transport, waste and the running of human dwellings are significantly smaller contributions to the emissions crisis but they are still reasons for why the globe is warming at such an alarming rate. In order for this temperature rise to stop first emissions must decrease a drastic amount.