Trump On Climate Change

When it comes to enforcing positive legislation to help prevent global warming, the country of America has often faced numerous political obstacles. Lobbying by fossil fuel companies has meant that those in office do not wish to endorse policies that will stop carbon emissions.

The most recent President Donald Trump has stated his denial of climate change and his refusal to believe in reliable scientific data. He has recently pulled out of the Paris International Climate Agreement which would have seen the US commit to reducing its carbon footprint.

This is an unfortunate setback. However, it must be remembered that there are many other superpowers who have stayed within the agreement and this should help reduce the devastating impact of global warming.

Donald Trump is backed by the Republican Party who are heavily interested in the coal, oil and gas industries. This is one of the main reasons for the president’s refusal to curtail emissions. However, he also has stated his personal denial in climate change as well. It does not help that the advisers within his cabinet share similar opinions and are also financially linked to industries that emit a large amount of Carbon Dioxide.

However, he has also changed his mind numerous times on the subject. Nine years ago he urged then President Obama to “act now” on climate change before the consequences for the human race were irreversible. He has also conceded that there is some connection between human activity and global warming.

Unfortunately his views are often shifting. This has made the prospect of legislation on curtailing emissions nearly impossible. He has even gone so far as to call climate change a “Chinese hoax”. The United States of America is the second largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the entire world. Under the current government this will be unlikely to change.