The World Climate Programme is more of a way for scientists to gain better access to research than to actually participate in real world studies. One of the issues with climate based studies and research is that each project is its own separate entity. This means that if a scientist wanted to gain a general knowledge of all of them they would have to tackle a significant number of obstacles.

The WCP helps to prevent these issues in a number of ways. It is at its core a group that strives to optimise the organisation data of practically all climate change research programs. It has a number of other similar groups under its umbrella. The WCP could be seen as the administrative hand of each of these. The body helps to link each one together in order to make the sharing of data results much easier to perform. The groups under this umbrella include:

  • World Climate Research Programme
  • Global Climate Observing System
  • World Climate Services Programme
  • The Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation

Each of these groups are highly respected in their own right. One of the major issues of climate research is the questioning of its reliability. There are various groups who wish to sway public opinion and deny the effects that climate change is having.

This can be for a number of reasons such as wanting to prolong the use of fossil fuels in order to keep the automotive industry profitable ect. What the WCP does is help to make sure that the research results obtained from projects are adequately verified by other reputable scientific bodies. This also prevents any research papers that lie in order to serve political purposes. Together these projects serve an apolitical mission of keeping the truth alive in climate research.