The World Climate Research Programme is one of the largest of all the climate change initiatives in all the world. It is an international effort that brings together many different countries. This is useful as it allows scientists to compare the data from many different nations. This, in turn, will give researchers a much broader scope of how climate change is affecting the entire planet.

Despite the fact that the dangers of climate change and global warming have only in recent years become apparent this organisation has been around for some time. In fact the WCRP was first founded in 1980. It would have taken a large amount of foresight to create a programme like this whose sole mission is to coordinate combined research efforts. This shows that there were many in the scientific community who were well aware of how important this would be in future decades.

It is the hope of the organisation that climate change can be better predicted by the collating of relevant data. It has become clear that the activities of human beings have helped to contribute to the intense changes to the globe. The WCRP work to determine just how much of a contributing factor this is.

They also look into how variable different types of climate change can be and if there are any links between them all. The group contains thousands of scientists who have expertise in this particular field. This group is funded by three sponsors who help them to work on various projects. These are done on oceans, the atmosphere and land surfaces.

One common misconception is that the WCRP directly funds the research into climate change. In reality they do not do this. Instead they are used as a mediator to combine the research of many other research groups.